Fluid Systems is fluent in pump. We understand how outages can impact your facility and bottom line. We offer pump inspections, repair, rebuild and overhaul services at your facility or ours. We can inspect your pump seals and bearings for premature failure points as well as offer preventative measures to get the most out of your renewed equipment. We can analyze vibration within the systems and investigate solutions to keep your equipment running smoothly.


Restore + Revive + Repeat

+ Overhaul Services

In order to keep your facility online and at full capacity we offer scheduled maintenance programs for all kinds of pumps. Have your team pull your pump and we will pick it up dockside and return it ready for service.

Before Overhaul
Ready for another 20 years.
Retrofit also included a changeover from acrylic packing to seals
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+ Drop In Replacements

Do you have obsolete equipment that needs a replacement? We offer all types of pumps and equipment for your application that can meet up to the system piping already in place. 








Obsolete Chicago Condensate Unit
Replacement Sterlco CRU with custom tank fittings.
Obsolete Vacuum Units
Replacement Vacuum Units
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+ Legacy End Suctions

We offer a full line of legacy end suctions for your retrofit or new application. Some options are available with quick ship capabilities and can be built to order in 3-5 days.

Legacy End Suctions
Legacy End Suctions
Before Legacy End Suction Retrofit
After Legacy End Suction Retrofit
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+ Vibration Isolation Services

Do you have a unique installation that requires a custom vibration isolation solution? We can design a solution to meet any new or retrofit application for any equipment. We can also help diagnose the source of vibration and noise in your system and equipment and provide solutions to extend the life of the wearable parts in your system. We take our services from initial site visit thru design and installation to guarantee a successful solution. 

Close Coupled End Suction with Custom Motor Base mounted on Concrete Inertia Base with Springs
Custom Rooftop Cage Mount for Vertical Inline Pumps
Vertical Inline Seismic Pump Stands
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+ Laser Alignment

Do you have vibration issues eating thru couplings, bearings and seals in your equipment? Let us investigate the impact and offer vibration solutions for to keep your equipment online and extend the life of wearable parts.

Coupling Insert Damage from Misalignment
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