With our combined 112 years of experience in the HVAC and Industrial markets, you can rely on us to provide expert guidance for your next project. Got a tough egg to crack or a failing system to rehab? Allow us to do what we can to design a cost-effective and quality solution. 

+ Pre-Insulated Piping

We offer a broad range of above and underground piping solutions for the district energy and industrial markets. We can help you rehab an older system with a budget or lay out a new distribution loop for your campus.

+ Packaged Systems

The perfect solution for the custom applications with unique demands. Let us help you design it right while keeping cost and space at a minimum. 

Heat Transfer System Design
Separator Design
Packaged Booster Skid
Packaged Booster Skid
Packaged Heat Transfer Skid
Prefabricated Vertical Sump Pump Skid for High Temp Application
Centrifugal Separator Skid Package
Domestic Water Booster Package
Hydronic Heating Package
Engineered-to-Order Booster
Configured-to-Order Booster
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+ Seismic Restraint Design

Seismic engineering and restraints are helpful tools to keep your new or renovated spaces safe and up to code. Let us help you dissect the code requirements for your project and offer an accurate scope at the design stage for peace of mind every stage after. 

Seismic Pipe Supports
Suspended Inline Pump Support
Cooling Tower Seismic Springs
Concrete Inertia Base
Seismic Rooftop Pipe Stands
Seismic Rooftop Pipe Layouts
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+ Seismic Restraint Lay-Ins

Projects of all sizes require coordination and we are on hand to provide your project with REVIT lay-ins for distributed systems for seismic hardware. We offer cost effective services that help meet specs and reduce clashes on site.  

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+ Vibration Isolation Design

Reduce the transmission of vibration from equipment and systems into the building structure with a Kinetics Vibration Isolation solution. Vibrations that are left unchecked can cause noisy occupied spaces and unhealthy noise levels in any facility. Our engineering solutions eliminate structure-borne vibration to enhance occupant comfort and meet safety requirements.

Curb & Vibration Isolation Rail
Concrete Inertia Base
Pipe Riser Isolation
Spring Vibration Isolators
Distributed Systems Isolation Hangers
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+ Systems Analysis

We can help extend the life of your new or old system by analyzing system data points on efficiency and offering budget friendly solutions to capitalize your return on investment. Let us help put your data to work for you.